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Walmsleys Commercial Insurance Brokers

27th September 2017

Walmsleys have had a presence in Wigan since 1926, and Walmsleys Commercial was formed in 2004 to concentrate exclusively on providing a specialist insurance service to commercial clients, both locally and throughout the UK. They work with a range of industries, from motor traders through to basket weavers, and provide a tailor-made solution to each.

Since 2004 Walmsleys Commercial, who are Chartered Insurance Brokers have invested heavily in new technology and quality experienced personnel and whilst maintain strong roots in the Wigan business community, operate nationally under various brand names such as Fleetcover, Craftcover, Garagecover & Brewcover.

Walmsleys (WCIB) have been a customer at Missing Link since 2014 and once introduced to the Missing Link portfolio, were keen to know more about the services on offer. Before this point, Walmsleys experience of IT Managed Service Providers had not been great. Prior to 2014, Walmsleys were using two separate providers for their IT requirements (specifically on-site and remote support, backup & DR, connectivity and a Telephone solution) and found this difficult to manage as they constantly found themselves in the middle of a conundrum as to which provider was obliged to provide any given fix, with each third party looking to the other to provide the right solution to any given problem for their shared client. Given this, it was the ‘one-stop-shop’ ethos that Missing Link adopted that was the immediate attraction for Walmsleys.

After an initial consultation and proposal that followed, WCIB decided to become an Missing Link client and therefore able to access all the services and products they need from the one company, which immediately proved to be a sound decision for Walmsleys and support of their IT infrastructure, Broadband provision and Telephony requirements. Walmsleys now had just one number to call for any issues in relation to their IT, Broadband and phones.

The other major factors in the decision to use Missing Link were locality and due process. Walmsleys are very much a Wigan based company, as are Missing Link and also stringently vetted to conform to regulations as set out by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and PRA (Prudential Regulatory Authority) both of which rely on a robust and secure IT and telephony system which is easier to manage when working with one external third party as opposed to several.

The first real scope of work under contract was re-routing the network streamline systems and moving some Access Points in the office. Another regulatory issue that Walmsleys were looking to address was an effective call recording system. All of which were installed and then supported by Missing Link. Since 2014 the Missing Link & Walmsleys relationship has remained a good one and increased in value for both parties. Three years on and Missing Link are still the single external Managed Service Provider for Walmsleys and the relationship is better than ever, many works have been completed over and above the re-active/pro-active Fully Managed Support contract that effectively acts as a ‘catch all’ to any IT challenges WCIB may have and helps to avoid any unexpected ad-hoc bills for IT over the course of any given year:

“I don’t want to know how a server works, I just need it to work; put simply, this is what Missing Link does for us, and very well too.”

Phil Wall, Director.  WCIB.



Walmsleys Insurance