Cloud Backup

Missing Link can deliver a Fully Managed Enterprise Class Cloud Backup Solution, giving you complete peace of mind that all your data is protected, backed up and secure.  We ensure your data is safe, off-site and recoverable, so you can recover your IT systems anytime, anywhere, from any disaster, avoiding any business disruption.

Unlike some backup solutions Missing Link can capture (and recover) everything; Systems, Applications, Configuration settings, Services, Data. Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint servers and other critical application servers and updates in memory :

  • We can encrypt backups to protect Data
  • We can back up none-bootable systems before attempting a restore
  • Execute one-time backups that you can archive
  • Schedule back up for as little as every 15 minutes and set up subsequent full backups to be differential to save on storage space.

We have the tools and expertise to ensure all your business data is protected and accessible if the worst should happen.  Consult with Missing Link about recovering your data from our Datacentre, within minutes, not hours!

Missing Link Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup from Missing Link is a 100% Managed Service and with our unique on boarding process, you could start to enjoy the feature and security rich offering sooner than you think.

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