Hosted Exchange

At Missing Link we store all your emails, calendars and contacts at our secure data centres and make them available to you via the internet.  Your data is also backed-up to a second secure data centre so it is replicated and DR (Disaster Recovery) ‘ready’, which means if you’re migrating from an on-site solution, you should also see significant savings on the cost of your back as a result.  Your data is completely synchronised; including Emails, files, calendars and contacts, enabling you to work just as efficiently whilst on the move.

Hosted Exchange is a secure business-class email, messaging and collaboration service designed to make it possible for employees to work anywhere and anytime and on almost any device, be it a PC, Laptop, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone.

There is no ‘top heavy’ Cap-ex  send requirement, just one fixed monthly payment, this is also fully inclusive of any required upgrades or patches during the lifetime of the contract.  All of this is offered as a fully managed service so you never have to worry about the security or the delivery of your emails again.

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