Hybrid VoIP Telephony

Our hybrid telephone VoIP system can either be a full IP solution or can be a stepping stone for those companies not quite ready to take the full ‘leap of faith’ to full SIP technology, as it can integrate traditional Digital or Analogue technology if required but still offers the sophisticated feature rich technologies of VoIP.   This can also be an ideal system for those thinking of transferring to VoIP technologies at some point, or those companies looking for resilience with a digital or analogue backup.

Whether you go for full SIP, or to keep your existing analogue and digital lines, this system is feature rich with a cost effective modular design.

Missing Link can offer a range of hardware devices for your telephony solution; including Yealink, LG, Snom, Polycom and Gigaset.  We don’t restrict our clients to propriety handsets, essentially, Missing Link would be able to help you whatever your requirements or preferences were.


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