Telephony & VoIP

Should you decide to go with a VoIP Telephony solution with Missing Link, you would be investing into a cost effective, scalable, feature rich solution that will be tailor made to fit the needs of your business, it’s employee’s and any commanding legislation governing your sector. 

Whether you’re looking to make the transition from a traditional ADSL or Analogue phone system or you’re looking to refresh your VoIP solution and make further savings, Missing Link are in a position to help you.  Working with most of the major vendors, accessing the latest technology around an array of Telephony Solutions. 

An Missing Link VoIP telephony solution now offers the same feature rich experience that was previously once reserved for only the larger enterprises and corporations because such a solution was too costly for the smaller business to invest into but with the introduction of VoIP solution, integrated solutions are now a viable option for the SME market too.

Missing Link Hybrid VoIP

Our hybrid telephone VoIP system can either be a full IP solution or can be a stepping stone for those companies not quite ready to take the full ‘leap of faith’ to full SIP technology, as it can integrate traditional Digital or Analogue technology if required but still offers the sophisticated feature rich technologies.

This can also be an ideal system for those thinking of transferring to VoIP technologies at some point, or those companies looking for resilience with a digital or analogue backup.

Our range of hybrid IP PBXs combine the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the convergence of IP technology, offering feature-rich functionality and flexibility to handle all your business communication needs.

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