VoIP Systems

Should you decide to go with a VoIP Telephony solution with Missing Link, you would be investing into a cost effective, scalable, feature rich solution that will be tailor made to fit the needs of your business, it’s employee’s and any commanding legislation governing your sector.  

An Missing Link VoIP telephony solution now offers the same feature rich experience that was previously once reserved for only the larger enterprises and corporations because such a solution was too costly for the smaller business to invest into but with the introduction of VoIP solution, integrated solutions are now a viable option for the SME market too.

VoIP Telephony solutions are now able to integrate all the various communication methods used by modern businesses via a single, user friendly interface and software intelligently links all forms of business communication into a platform with a uniform user interface. Standard features such as conferencing, transferring, voicemails and extensions now come with more modern benefits such as call recording, ensuring that compliance with sector legislation is a lot easier via a new VoIP based Telephony system.

At Missing Link, we would consider ourselves experts in keeping up with ‘what’s new’ in the ever changing world of Technology and, as a result we ensure our customers have access to all the latest developments too.

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