Multi Site Solutions

Working with organisations that have sites across the UK, our pioneering multi-site network solutions provide flexible working improved employee performance. Regardless of location staff are able to communicate with each other and work as though they are based in the same office.

Our multisite customers often ask us to provide a solution to connect those sites and enable the sharing of data, documents and applications. When each office has its own data, accounts, email and IT processes for maintaining customer details, it’s all too easy for working practices to become confusing and disorganised.

Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) is ideal for linking sites on a private network. A PWAN allows you to create a simple multi layered network, which will give the same functionality as a local network (LAN), but spread over multiple geographic locations. It operates as a private network across all sites with its own internal IP subnet, providing absolute security without the necessity of VPN tunnels.

It allows for the safe transmission of private and confidential communication between sites so that employees can add to and amend business data as and when required.

Users can up and download information from Everything to Everywhere at home, in transit or at a clients office.

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