Virtualisation underpins the way in which modern businesses run their IT infrastructure. Missing Link have a well-deserved reputation among our customers for deploying the technology in a way that is appropriate and cost effective for them.

Virtualisation is the combination of storage devices into what appears to be a single storage unit. Resources are utilised more efficiently as less hardware needs to be used and future server upgrades cost significantly less than before.

If a virtualised server does fail then this will mean that other applications and operations can continue running. Having a virtualised server environment means you will no longer be dependent on hardware performance. Business critical data is stored on an external Storage Area Network – SAN so that data is always accessible, if a physical server were to go offline. Better resilience and reduced risk makes virtualisation a necessity for every business looking to continue progressing.

Organisations with large data use and storage are advised to implement virtualisation as a way of ensuring their capacity to expand their business growth and provided a quality service to their customers at all times.


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